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High Schools in the Macarthur region

The transition from little school to big school is a big step for your child. Many high schools recognise this and actually have some of their senior students go into the Primary Schools to talk to the Year 6 students and explain what to expect. As a parent you have a very important role to play during this process, you need to make sure that you openly communicate the changes they are going to experience and any anxieties that they may have. You need to remember that their "security blanket" wont be there in high school as many of their friends from Primary School wont be following them through and everything they have gotten used to wont be the same, a different teacher for every subject, no longer the oldest in the school, making new friends and establishing where they fit within their peers, it can be quite a stressful time for them You need to make sure that you are there for them.

An interesting statistic has emerged from the 2001 Census, more than 70% of the Macarthur region's population has completed Year 10 or higher, with more than 15% not making it to Year 10 or even going to school. This statitic is quite high due to the ageing population of the Macarthur region.

It is a little bit early to be thinking about Tertiary education if you are reading this page now, but the Macarthur region has some great opportunities for Tertiary education, including our very own University Campus of the University of Western Sydney which now has a significant Medical and Law School, there is also a Campus of the University of Sydney in Camden, that focuses on Veterinary Science, Agriculture and Australia Native Wildlife care. The Macarthur region also has two campuses of TAFE, one in Macquarie Fields and the other in Campbelltown.

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